Virtual Corporate Learning & Innovation 

Dr. Hazel
PhD in Neuroscience
Photo & Music Content Creator
Dr. Dr. Haze is a very creative, intelligent, artistic and inspiring men from Rwanda. The genocide in Rwanda killed almost 1 million Tutsis and there is that Tutsi boy with 6 sisters and golden hearted mother that went from Rwanda trough Uganda to Denmark where all of the 7 kids grew up. From genocide survivor to one of the most inspiring content creators in our world. Art is supposed to make you feel something, not only to be beautiful. Hazel understands that and manages to fill his artwork with life. He is our virtual and sound artist with a PhD in neurosciences. Yes we take the way others see your company and persona very serious.


Events manager & Producer

Founder of PLasticfree Uluwatu

Ux/Ui Designer

Tania is a Europe based producer and event manager. According to ISO 20121, sustainable event management is the process of integrating environmental and social responsibility issues into event planning.  Due to COVID-19 she start specializing in Ux/Ui Design, where she can solidify his old pation for art & technology.



BA Business and Administration 

Focus on Fair and Ethical Businesses

A German Peruvian international business student that after meeting Domitila on social media, got inspired to join the team. She went to Brazil for an academic exchange program and learned the language and reality there. Her expertise are languages and intercultural communication. As a perfect complement to her academic knowledge, she has been learning the practices of online business by Domitilas side for the past 3 years.




Award Winner Journalist, Book Author &

Well known Public Relations​

Domitila and Marcelinho work together since 2006. Over the last 15 years he has been awarded with the most important Awards in South America for his work.

His career led him to almost every spot in corporation communications, television, news papers, magazines and blogs in South America.

The relationships he built in all of his professional areas are definitely a powerhouse of PR expertise that knows exactly how to get you where you need to be.

 Laurinha & Juninho
Yahoo Finance favourites
Filmmakers  Content Creator

We have being creating content together for the past 3 Years. A Brazilian Couple based in Indonesia traveling the world to bring the best of video Content for social media and internet marketing.

From virtual Shootings to Online Academy Productions. Mixing up Leadership through Communication & High quality Video Content is key for an effective online communication & successful performance.

As Yahoo Finance mensioned: "traveling all over the world and creating a mark in the industry!" 



Styling & Staging

US-EU Based Sustainable & Ethical Stylist

Kerisas expertise is on implementing pre-loved & vintage treasures to adorn both body and setups. Growing up on an organic farm with artistic and entrepreneurial parents, she relied heavily on art and imagination for entertainment. Domitila and Kerisa met in Los Angeles in 2016 since then, they never stopped working together. Online or offline they are always on the same page even without long briefings. 

Business Coach
25 Years of experience  

German Coach specialized on optimization of processes, project and interim management with the focus on Customer Relationship Management. 

Domitila and Claudia met years ago in a Balinese co-working Space working on different projects. Domitila Knows that is very important to Offer a Team with different skills, backgrounds ages and Qualification and Knew since day One, they need to start something great together.

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Law Student

Learning & doing

Leadership & Communication. Domitila prepared an exclusive Information Technology & Resources Management system to deliver sustainable and effective solutions for our clients. She later taught them to Melissa and prepared her to manage her own projects. 

What we are offering are instruments to get to know and better understand your audience and clients and how to communicate with them.


Growth Strategy & Enviromental Impact


Corporate leadership  & The EU 2030 climate

target police and business action