I am


To quickly introduce myself,

I am Domitila Barros a Greenfluencer, content creator, coach and consultant.


I help passionated entrepreneurs, companies and social leaders who want to reach their full potential, blow up their online brand, attract more opportunities and make an impact in the world.  


IIf you follow me on Instagram you have noticed, that my feed is very special and besides providing fashion, beauty and travel content also addresses political topics such as social injustice.

My work focusses on sustainability and fair trade. These two key aspects are implemented in my brand With my brand we are able to provide an income for single mothers in my Brazilian hometown Recife.

So what you will get here are not only business theories but rather the results of years of online experience and testing of different tools and techniques.

My experience in how to use social media, internet marketing and webinars to attract your main following group. With a fun but also informative and creative content and appropriate language.

What I offer is to promote relationships to create the maximum impact for our clients. We work to cultivate these connections so that your message, story, and product or service get in front of the right people at the right time. Me and My Team want to help you to stand out in today’s saturated markets.






My social background growing up in the street child project my parents founded and being around social foundations, projects, organizations since birth, specifically prepared me to deliver a fundamental understanding of the singularities in the social sector.

This unique service and expertise that I am offering to my clients are helping them to get the transition from offline to online. Especially in the new scenario with Covid-19  the urgency of creating an online presence that works is crucial. I offer a sustainable and aligned service to each one of your goals and vision.

When it comes to internet marketing and making a global impact, network is everything.  Therefore I am more than happy to use the network I built internationally over the last 20 years and share it with you. This will connect you with the right partners, talents, press, organizations and institutions.


My passion for culture and trends has led me to a five years of living the digital nomad lifestyle. I visited over 20 countries which guided me to an international approach and understanding of the different markets. This knowledge is one of my strongest assets.

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